WEB-Application for HR

Mobile Application for Staff

is an all-in-one tool for handling major HR issues;
makes communication easier and helps build a successful team;
encourages smooth on-boarding

As a result, personnel performance is improving and therefore company becomes more profitable

Includes key HR tools
Sets everyday HR processes
User-friendly functionality
Information is presented clearly and includes some HR analytics elements
Staff can use the app anywhere and anytime
High staff involvement
Encourages open communication and participation in company’s activities


  • - Presents staff’s moods and opinions at full
  • - Helps build up in-company communication
  • - Shows credible and timely feedback
  • - Provides review of most up-to-date questions and requests from staff
  • - Is a perfect on-boarding process assistant
  • - Keeps staff updated with most recent information

Application for various business domains:

Business сlubs
Share your contact details with other club members
Notify club members about the upcoming events using calendar and push-notifications
Present an individual company’s business information to the club members
Payroll companies
Keep in touch with the field staff
Calculate salaries basing on staff's performance declarations
Arrange meetings and other events
Share important information via push-notifications

Administration/accounting office
Share contact information with customers
Notify about important events such as VAT/Tax payment deadlines
Arrange meetings and other activities
Company's staff
Ensure communication between staff and the HR office
Share contact details of team members
Political parties/government
Collect opinions of party members/citizens on the issues
Present party policy


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